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Illusion Dance - We are a organization to form by a group of Hong Kong's professional stage performer team, our team of members was Hong Kong representatives performer and on many occasions to represent Hong Kong to participate in various stage performance competitions around the world, the level of our professional stage skill and show have won numerous awards, we worked for a many companies to produce and provide difference stage perform arts and design on various areas, our service including -


Company Annual Dinner,

Christmas, Chinese ChunMing party performances

Commercial Venues, Shopping mall festival performances

Brand theme publicity, Advertising artist talent provide

Nightclub Entertainment, Street performances

And more different types of performances, and so on ..











Illusion Dance - 我們由一班香港專業舞台表演者團隊組成, 其團隊及成員代表曾多次代表香港參加世界各地不同的比賽, 其專業舞台表演水平曾獲無數獎項, 我們曾為多間大型公司製作及提供不同範疇的舞台藝術表演及設計, 包括-



公司週年晚宴, 聖誕春茗派對表演

商業場地, 購物中心節日表演

品牌主題宣傳, 廣告藝才演出

夜店娛樂舞台, 街頭表演活動



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